Book Review Policy


General Information:
I do accept YA and Adult books for review.

I do accept print ARCs and finished copies.

I do accept some e-books.

If the book is part of a series, I may not accept to review if I have not read the others in the series.

I do accept self-published or indie books.

*I make the decision as to whether or not I will review a book that has been sent to me unsolicited. Please contact me first if you want to guarantee a review.

I accept books in the following genres:

  • Fiction
    • Contemporary
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery
    • Thriller
    • Sci-fi
  • Poetry
  • nonfiction
    • memoirs

DO NOT accept books of the following genres:

  • nonfiction
    • auto/biographies
    • cookbooks
    • historical
  • historical fiction
  • religious teachings
  • extremely political books
  • comics

If I accept a book to review, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks after receiving the book for a review to go up. Please be patient and allow time to read and get a proper review written. If you would like a review to be posted by a certain date, please contact me at least one month in advance.

All of my reviews are written honestly. If I do not enjoy a book, my review will reflect that. However, I explain why the story was not a good fit for me. That being said, not every review will be a positive one. I do not write defamatory or demeaning comments about the author or publisher.

Please refer to the “Books->Reviews” tab for sample reviews.

All reviews will also go up on Goodreads. My reviews are written in the first-person perspective and are not to be taken as objective critiques.

Books reviewed are given a star rating:
1 star- I really didn’t like this book and I would not recommend it to anyone. I had a hard time finishing it.

2 stars- This book had potential but there were many things that made me dislike it. I liked the plot but couldn’t find myself relating to anything else, for example. Not well written.

3 stars- I enjoyed this book but there were some things that were lacking. It is just an average book. Not a favorite, but not terrible.

4 stars- This book is great. Nearly perfect and I would recommend it to many. Will probably re-read it and want to buy all of my friends a copy.

5 stars- Wow, I love this book. I finished it quickly because I couldn’t put it down. It is flawless. It is definitely one of my all-time favorite books, and I will not stop talking about it for weeks.

I would love to host a giveaway for you! However, I only giveaway books of the same genres I mentioned previously. Same guidelines apply.

All giveaway winners are chosen randomly.

If you have a book that meets the general requirements above, please contact me through email:

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to working with you.