The Morning Routine that Changed My Life

Okay, I know that title is a little dramatic. But it’s true. I finally figured out a morning routine that has stuck with me for more than a few weeks. In fact, I’ve been following this routine for about 6 months now, and I love it!

What I’ve struggled with in the past was I tried to fit so much into my morning and make it as productive as possible. I found that I could only stick with it for a couple of weeks, or even days. It would quickly get overwhelming or I’d just be too tired to do it.

Now I’ve found the perfect balance between being productive and also easing into my day slowly! So, let me show you what it is!


I start my day off by waking up at 7. I begin my work around 9 for my internship or 10 on days I have classes! Waking up at 7 is the perfect amount of time to wake up and have some “me time” before I get started on my day.


In the first fifteen minutes of waking up, I go to the bathroom, wash my face, and drink some water. The time it takes obviously varies a little day by day, but about 15 minutes is the average.


Then, I crawl back into bed and spend about 30 minutes reading! The reason I love this routine so much is because I feel productive for starting my day with reading, but it’s slow and relaxing. It doesn’t require too much mental energy, and it makes me feel good!


After that, I go to make my breakfast! I usually make oatmeal or the occasional avocado toast, which takes me about 15 minutes to make. The time that I get up to do this varies depending on how hungry I am. I tend to get hungry pretty early because I eat my dinner early the night before, so it’s been at least 12 hours since I last ate.


Finally, I get dressed, do my skincare routine, and make my bed! Now I’m ready to begin my day.

Are you a morning or a night person? What are some of your morning habits? Tell me all about it in the comments below :)

18 thoughts on “The Morning Routine that Changed My Life

  1. This sounds sooo relaxing and I might try reading in the morning too, although maybe I would have to adjust it and only do it during the weekends since I start work at 8 and I cannot for the life of me be anything but a zombie when I wake up at 6:30

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  2. I adore the morning so much!! It’s absolutely my favourite time of day, and I get so much time to just exist, and be alone. Though the order varies depending on the time of year, I prioritize quiet time in my devotions, reading, tea/coffee, and a walk and/or a run. This year, with my new schedule that revolves around work and the 22 credits I’m taking, I’ve made sure to set aside a whole hour for reading in the morning, and it’s been such a game changer! Your morning routine was so fun to read; I enjoy seeing what other people like to do in their mornings as it really provides such inspiration! x

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    1. Oo your morning routine sounds so lovely and peaceful! I used to definitely include running in my routine, but as it’s been cold, that hasn’t been a priority recently! I love setting time to read in the morning. I used to be a night reader, but I found I’m much less distracted in the morning.

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  3. I used to hate mornings, but in the last few years I’ve become a morning person and I love it so much! The way my morning goes definitely sets up the mood for the rest of my day, so I also try to do at least one productive thing to make me feel accomplished early on 😅

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  4. I’ve been trying to establish a morning routine. I feel like especially need one nowadays. I wish I wasn’t so sleepy, then I could read in the mornings, too! I think it’s smart to try to not try to “over-do” it. I get so stressed out if I try to do a million things in the morning.

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  5. I wish I was getting up at 7! I used to before everything went online but even 9 has been such a struggle lately haha. A work in progress. I totally agree though that reading in the morning just sets me up for a productive day. I used to read in the evening to wind down but I’ve started to read earlier now and it’s so much better than scrolling on my phone in the morning!

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  6. Omg Jessica this is so lovely and it’s so great you found a routine that works for you. I have one that I have to stick otherwise I kinda feel weird the rest of the day hehe. Also wish I could be up as early & productive but I’m so not a morning person. Such a wonderful post friend xoxo

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