Authors I Discovered This Year & Fell in Love With

Every year, I obviously read new books and with that comes many new authors! I thought that in today’s post, I would share a few of the ones that I hadn’t heard about prior to this year or haven’t ever read anything by them before, but now they are new favorite authors.

Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng is a fairly popular novel, so she may not be new to you! But, I read both Little Fires Everywhere and Everything I Never Told You this year—and I really loved both! I think I liked Little Fires Everywhere just a little bit more, but both books were such phenomenal reads. And, the Hulu show for LFE was amazing, too.

Rachel Lynn Solomon

I was gifted an ARC of Rachel’s 2020 release Today Tonight Tomorrow by Simon & Schuster, which I am so grateful for. Because of that ARC, I read one of my favorite books of the year, and I found a new incredible author. You can read my review for it here! I have now put her other books on my TBR, and I even got an ARC of her adult debut, The Ex Talk.

Brit Bennett

I will for sure be reading more from Brit Bennett in the new year. The Vanishing Half really took my breath away, and I have heard more just as many amazing things about The Mothers. The writing was just so up my alley. On top of that, it covered so many important topics surrounding race. I am really excited for more from this author.

R.F. Kuang

The Poppy War was such a great read. It was really striking and beautiful, and I am excited to read the rest of the trilogy! It is incredible to me that she wrote this book at 19, which I talked about in my ‘favorite debut books’ post. I am definitely a contemporary reader, so the fact that I included a fantasy writer in this post says a lot. I hope that convinces you to pick up the books!

Christina Lauren

I honestly can’t believe this year was my first year reading from Christina Lauren. My first book was The Unhoneymooners, and it was such a treat! My second book of theirs I read wasn’t a favorite of mine, but it was one of their earlier releases in a different genre (YA horror—The House), so I think it’s going to be an outlier. These two ladies know how to write a romance, and I do have plans to read more of their books. If you have any favorites, let me know!

Who are some authors you discovered this year for the first time? Do you have any of the same ones as me?

8 thoughts on “Authors I Discovered This Year & Fell in Love With

  1. Celeste Ng is also an author I’ve discovered and fallen in love with this year – I read Little Fires Everywhere and Everything I Never Told You within a few months of each other and wow, she is amazing. I now want to read everything she writes! X

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  2. Omg I LOVE this post Jessica. This list of authors is so great. I’ve only read from Christina Lauren from this list, and I quite liked their book (Love and Other Words) but I’m super excited for The Ex Talk and also The Poppy War <3<3

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