My Favorite Reading Snacks / Blogtober Day 7

I’m honestly not a big eater when I read, but I do occasionally munch on some snacks, and I’m almost always drinking something. So for today’s post (based off of The Library Looter’s Blogtober challenge), I am going to share my top snacks and drinks that I eat when I read.

Iced Lemon/Peach/Raspberry/Green Tea

I love iced tea. I love pretty much every single flavor, and I drink it on a daily basis. My parents buy it in bulk at home, so the fridge is constantly stocked. This is an obsession my entire family has, though, so don’t worry, it’s not just me drinking it. We go through at least a gallon a day, I swear.

Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds

This is such a simple snack to munch on while reading. It’s light and it takes a lot of them to actually make you full, so you can continue eating this for the duration of an entire book. I’ve only recently gotten into pumpkin seeds, but now I can’t stop eating them.

fruit / acai bowl

Gummy Fruit Snacks

These are a really simple, no-mess snack. I don’t want to eat anything too complicated when I’m reading or else I’ll focus more on the eating part and less on the reading, so I choose simple snacks like these. You can just eat a little packet and pop them in your mouth.

Water With Lemon

I drink a lot of water every day, or at least, I try to. So this is probably my most common drink of choice while reading. I pretty much never leave the house without my water bottle. Also, I started buying lemon juice to pour into it instead of cutting actual lemons and that has gotten me to drink lemon water much more frequently cause there’s less hassle. Also, I usually run out of lemons quickly, but the bottle of juice can last weeks.


This is something that I have less frequently when I read because it requires more work and preparation, but I LOVE smoothies. I spend way too much money on them at school (luckily I can use my declining dollars), but at home, I make them myself. There are so many ways you can make them, so it’s so much fun to try out new flavors. I usually go for the classic strawberry banana, but I love berry smoothies, mango ones, and the occasional green (spinach and kale) ones.


Finally, I like to snack on some fruits. This is usually blueberries, pineapple, apple slices, or strawberries. Sometimes I make a fruit salad and mix all of these. It just depends on what’s in my house. But I love fruit, and it’s super healthy for you!

let's chat

Those are pretty much the majority of the snacks I eat while reading, but for the most part, I don’t eat anything while I read! Let me know what snacks you munch on while reading, if any :)


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Reading Snacks / Blogtober Day 7

  1. Ah this is a lovely post! I’m not a big eater when I read, either, but if I’m drinking anything, I guess it will be water or tea and yes to fruits, blueberries ahh I adore blueberries :)

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  2. Nice post,Jessica! Thank you for sharing! I believe we can learn a lot about people from the books they love the most! With this in mind, I want to ask you: what are your top 5 books you love reading?

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