The Perfect Reading Nook / Blogtober Day 5

Before we get into today’s post, I just want to make a little announcement!

I am going to be doing a 24 hour read-a-thon TOMORROW! If you want to join me, feel free to start at midnight in your timezone on October 6th! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates as well!

Today’s post is based off of the Day 4 Blogtober prompt by The Library Looter. It was yesterday’s prompt, but I still wanted to do it! I even created an aesthetic board to describe the perfect reading nook for me!

*All pictures were taken from Pinterest. They are not my own.

reading nook aesthetic

The first (and most important) thing for me would be a big window in my reading room. Natural lighting is a necessity for me when reading (and it’s great when taking pictures, too). My room at home is in the basement, so I definitely don’t get good lighting down there. Ideally, I’d love to have it.

Also, I would need tons and tons of comfy blankets and pillows. When you’re sitting and reading for a long time, you need to be comfortable. I’d also want a few different chairs around the room so I can change up my location or have mini reading parties with friends and everyone can be comfortable!

Going along with the blankets, it would be so nice to have a fireplace in the reading room, too. This is mostly for the ambiance, but also adds that extra warmth in the wintertime. I don’t have a fireplace in my house anymore, and it’s probably one of the things I miss most.

Plants would also be super cute and would add some life to the room. Even fake plants are always a nice addition, and I try to have them everywhere.

And finally, I would need to have lots of books! In a perfect world, I’d have a huge collection, but that’s not something I absolutely need. I would at least need a pile of 5 unread books at a time to choose from (either bought or borrowed from the library) because I am a mood reader!

let's chat

And that’s it- This is my perfect reading nook! Let me know what you would want in your ideal reading spot because I think it’s so interesting.


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