Books I Want to Re-Read This Year

I rarely ever re-read books. There are just so many books I want to read that I feel like I’m wasting time re-reading older books. But, I know that re-reading some of my old favorites would be so beneficial. It could help me get out of a reading slump, or I can see how my reading tastes have changed.

This year I plan on re-reading at least 6 books. I already re-read one, so I am just going to talk about the other 5 I want to re-read.


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I read Harry Potter in 5-6th grade, and I watched the movies a little after that. Since then, I’ve re-watched the first movie, but none of the others. I haven’t re-read the books at all. I do want to start re-reading them, but I don’t know how many I’ll get to this year. I finally bought them so I can start reading them whenever I please.

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

This is one of the first books featuring mental health that I read and it really stuck out to me. I had connected to the main character so much and I know I would love it a lot if I re-read it. This one is very high on my priority list of books to re-read, so I’ll probably get to it in a few weeks!

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

I originally listened to this book in audio form, so I want to read the physical book and annotate the copy I have. I absolutely adored this book and even though I read it fairly recently, I know I want to read it again.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Yes, another John Green book. I know a lot of people have mixed opinions on him, but I really love his books. This is the first book of his I’ve read, and I really want to see if my opinion changes at all. Plus, it’ll be cool to see his writing evolve.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This book meant so much to me growing up, and I associate so many good memories to it. I bought it when I went on a trip to Florida with my cousins and read it in basically one sitting. I loved it so much and watched the movie as soon as it came out. I really hope my expectations aren’t too high for it!

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Do you ever re-read books? Have you read any of the books I talked about? Leave me a comment letting me know :)

Xo, Jess

14 thoughts on “Books I Want to Re-Read This Year

  1. If you’re retreading the hunger games I think I really am missing out. Another blogger mentioned the hunger games and all my friends love it and I’m just like what am I doing with my life not reading that book lol

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    1. I completely agree with that! I don’t re-read many books cause I’m usually behind on ARCs and have way too many unread books at home, but whenever I do I love it!

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  2. The Fault in our Stars is on my list too! i think i’ll manage to read it this year :)
    Turtles All the Way Down was my first John Green book and i liked it a lot, so got his other books too :D

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  3. I love re reading but I feel like as a book blogger its hard to justify spending time reading something I’ve read before. I really want to do it more though!

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    1. Exactly! I feel the same way 😩 I think if it’s something you want to do, you should be able to do it though!


  4. My favourite way to reread books is listening to the audio versions. The Harry Potter audios are especially good! I have re-listened to them so many times I cannot count. Have you read John Green’s Abundance of Katherines? I loved it but it is really underrated.

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