My Happy Place- The Bookstore

when people tell me to think of my happy place, two things come to mind:

the beach and the bookstore

Unfortunately, the beach is a little farther away from me than I would like (until next year when I go to college BASICALLY ON THE BEACH), so when I need a burst of joy, I choose books.

I am lucky enough to have a Barnes & Noble practically down my street, so getting there is never an issue.

Why do I love the bookstore so much??

  • You are surrounded by other people who love books
    • you can make some friends or chat with others who share the same passion!!
  • It is always such a relaxing and peaceful environment
    • no one is loud in a bookstore, like ever.
  • You can get inspired
    • whether it is for a new blog post or just your writing in general, the bookstore can spark creativity
  • You are surrounded by beautiful books, DUH.
    • this is easily the best part.

Overall, bookstores are any book lovers heaven! They bring joy to a gloomy day.

I think it is really sad that in today’s age bookstores aren’t being used as much as they used to. People don’t spend hours strolling through all of the aisles just to look at all of the books. Now everything is digital, so physical books aren’t a necessity to many people. Also, shopping for books can be done online (which I love to do, but it’s not the same as shopping for books in person), so people prefer to buy them there.

But there is something so special about being at a bookstore that you just don’t get from online shopping. It’s this feeling of amazement that there are thousands upon thousands of books surrounding you. You can pick up a book on anything at all that interests you.

Please let me know I am not the only person who feels this way!

chat with me

Do you love bookstores as much as I do? Let me know if you do and why or why not down below :)

Xo, Jess

8 thoughts on “My Happy Place- The Bookstore

  1. yaaas i love going to the bookstore! there’s an independent one about 20ish minutes from me and i always love going there since it’s really well decorated and the YA section always puts me in a good mood! loved this post girl! :)

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