Paperback vs Hardcover | discussion

This is a topic that is debated by bookworms daily. Do you take the convenience of paperbacks over the sturdiness of hardcovers? Do you prefer the feeling of a hardcover in your hand versus a flimsy paperback?

For me personally, I prefer paperbacks. The majority of my book collection is paperbacks because they fit so much better in my hand. I also really like the look of them better. I feel like more people like hardcovers because the covers tend to be nicer, but that is the opposite case for me.

I made a pros and cons list for both book styles, and I tried to avoid any bias towards paperbacks (but I’m sorry if it didn’t work).





  • Cheaper: this is such an important point because paperbacks are significantly cheaper than hardcovers when you go into a bookstore, so not everyone can afford hardcovers.
  •  Lighter: These are much easier for travel because you can carry them in a backpack or purse without much of a hassle.
  • More Comfortable: This is sort of a weird pro, and some people may disagree, but I find paperbacks much easier to hold while reading. They don’t start to hurt my hands, and they fit my hand so much better. I can read these for a longer time than I can a hardcover.


  • You have to wait to buy them: The paperback always comes out months after the hardcover is published, so if you are waiting for a new release, you can only buy the hardcover.
  • They get damaged more easily: Yes, they are flimsy. The cover can bend and fold much easier than a hardcover. It is easy to rip them when putting them in a bag. While they might be lighter to hold, they will most likely be bent in the process. (Solution: using a book sleeve!)





  • Last longer: Hardcovers can typically last longer because they are more durable. They won’t get damages as easily, and the cover won’t bend.
  • Prettier: Everyone always tends to love the cover on the hardcover much more than the paperback. Plus, there is the inside cover under the dust jacket which can also be very pretty. (However, there are many cases where I prefer a paperback edition over the hardcover)


  • You can lend it without worry: With the hardcover edition of the book, you can lend it to friends or family without that worry of the cover being damaged. It can be tossed around because it is much sturdier.


  • Expensive: This is the opposite of my pro for paperbacks, but it is a super valid point. Hardcovers are very expensive, especially when buying them new. You can buy two paperbacks for the price of one hardcover, which makes them less appealing for me.
  • Difficult to travel with: Some hardcovers are very big and bulky, so travel is not easy. They rarely fit in my bag, and when they do, they are super heavy.


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Alright, so overall the two book types are pretty even when looking at the lists. It ultimately comes down to which one you like better for yourself! I prefer paperbacks because I take care of my books and they don’t get worn down easily. However, I can understand why many people would opt for the hardcovers because of how beautiful they are!

Let me know down below which one you prefer, because I really am curious.

Xo, Jessica


16 thoughts on “Paperback vs Hardcover | discussion

  1. I love that you made this post! 👏 A great debate. I personally prefer hardcovers as they do look pretty great when they’re all lined up on my bookshelf, but like you say, very difficult to carry multiple hardcovers if I’m travelling or moving house! Great post! 😘💕

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  2. I’m sort of in the middle with this one because I honestly love both Hardcovers and Paperbacks! I usually buy whichever is more convenient at the moment so that’s usually hardcovers since they are (like you said) published before paperbacks. Great discussion!! :)

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  3. Like you, my collection is mostly made of paperbacks. The only hardback covers I own are books which were gifted to me (apart from one beautiful hard cover of The Great Gatsby that I just had to have). Hardbacks are so expensive especially here in the UK where a hardback book can cost you £20 when the paperback can cost you £7. I am always so in awe of the covers of hardbacks though as a lot of booktubers seem to prefer hardbacks: so the temptation is always there to splurge on them!

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  4. In terms of book aesthetics, I prefer hardback, however – I like the authenticity of being able to throw a book in your bag and being able to carry it around with you everywhere – having crinkled pages because you’ve thumbed through them and read it so much, and I just don’t think you get that kind of authenticity with hardbacks. Something I do is that I buy all of my books in paperback and if I love them or they happen to become one of my favourites, I will buy them in hardback too just because I feel they look so much more presentable that way. I have a whole shelf dedicated to my favourite books – all in hardback .xx


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