The Law of Attraction

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a Youtube video about the Law of Attraction.  I was super intrigued by it almost immediately. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the topic, and I thought I would give a bit of an explanation on it here in case you haven’t heard of it!

The law of attraction is a belief that the universe does things for you based on your thoughts. It says that everyone has the ability to “attract” the things they want into their lives. This can range from relationships, finance, and your career.

At first, I was super skeptical of this idea, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It basically goes along with the idea that a positive mindset will bring positive things into your life. Obviously, this is just a theory, and there is no definite proof that it will work for you. However, there are tons of success stories online of people who decided to try it out for themselves.

The same goes for negative energy, though. If your thoughts are very negative, the experiences you have will show that.

Basically, your mindset is super important when it comes to your own well being. I haven’t tried out this idea for myself just yet, but I really want to see if it is beneficial. You will not achieve any of your goals if you don’t think about them and ways to accomplish them. The more you think about something, the more likely you are to do something to get there. If you visualize what you want, it will come.

Have you heard about this theory? If so, have you tried it out?


13 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Yeah! I came across that video to. It caught me, you could say. I was looking for books that change your perspective towards the world the day before, and since I found about the book, my viewpoint actually did transform. I’ve been more positive since then. And it did work. I’m happy. Grateful. And much more successful. Trust me it works. :) Positive vibes to your way too!❤️

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  2. Excellent, lovely post 😊 although it can take time, think it, feel it be it works magic! We should ask ourselves on a scale of 1-10 where do we put ourselves for focusing on what we want? & the same exercise for what we don’t want ✨😊

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  3. I was practicing the Law of Attraction without knowing I was doing it. From ancient philosophy the concept of “the way your thoughts are ,your life will become” is well known.

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