How To Write a Book Review- pt. 2

If you remember, I wrote a post about how to write a book review-the note-taking process a while back. Today I have the second (and last) part of the mini series, in which I will describe what I write and include in my book reviews.

This might be helpful for some of you just emerging in the blogging world, or if you want to improve your reviews!

What To Include:

There are a few things that I think are necessary to include in a book review. They will help the audience understand what your review and the book is about and give some insight to what you think about it.

  1. Title and Author- As obvious as this seems, I often forget to include the authors name in the title of the post, so it is crucial to include it somewhere else. It is usually the first thing I write in case if anyone decides they want to read it. There are sometimes books with the same or similar titles, so this will provide ease to the audience.
  2. Synopsis- I don’t like writing my own synopsis because I feel like I don’t do a good enough job, so I usually use the Goodreads one. I find this helpful when I read other reviews if I haven’t heard of the book before. That is why I like to include it in my own reviews.
  3. Rating- I like seeing a rating depicted somewhere. The rating is really good to get an initial or final standpoint from the blogger. I usually include mine at the end, but in the beginning is fine as well.
  4. Review- And of course, you can’t forget the actual review. Let me break down what I write in the review for you now.

In The Review:

There are certain topics most reviews should cover as to get the most from it. For me, this includes the characters, plot, writing style, and overall feelings.

  1. Characters- It is a good idea to talk about your thoughts on the characters. This could range from whether you liked them or not to the character’s growth. I love reading about characters because I like to connect at least one, and this gives me a good idea about if I will. If I read the review and don’t like any of the characters already, I know I won’t enjoy the book as much.
  2. Plot- A no brainer. If the plot isn’t good, what is the point of the book? Is there a lot of action? Will it make you cry? Are there plot twists? Those are all great questions to address in your review!
  3. Writing Style- If the author has a good writing style will be a deciding factor for if I finish the book or not. I try to talk about the author’s writing style and what I thought about it in every review as well. Especially if the story was slow or fast paced, or if the writing style made it difficult to read.
  4. Overall Feelings- This is the fun part. All those notes you took on the book earlier- use the thoughts you jotted down and include them in your review. This can be your favorite scenes, funny dialogue, cute quotes, etc!

I hope this mini series was helpful for you, and maybe you’ll use some of these tips for your own review! Let me know in the comments what you think is important to include in a review.


5 thoughts on “How To Write a Book Review- pt. 2

  1. Great post!! It’s funny, the more I like the characters, world, and author’s style, the less I tend to write about the plot. Otherwise the review would go on and on forever, and no one wants that. Sometimes I’ll even title my posts as “not-a- review”, because while I’m talking about the book and if I liked it or not and why, it’s not really a review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I incorporate my feelings a lot! I just meant plot meaning explain if it was good or bad, how it was built up, etc! But i see your point :)


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