Temporary Storms- McKayla Debonis (Book Review)


**I was sent this book to review by the author, but all opinions are my own

Hello and welcome to another book review! Today I will be talking about more poetry (shocker!) by the author McKayla Debonis.

Temporary Storms is McKayla’s first poetry book and it was self-published. That being said, there were a few grammatical/mechanical errors, but they did not affect my overall enjoyment. For her debut as a poet, this book is a great start. 


The book is separated into 2 parts: The Storm and The Forever. The first half really focuses on pain, specifically related to mental health disorders. It also describes heartbreak, both with a significant other and with friends, which were very spot on. It was a great visual picture in words. 

The main symbol in the book is storms. It uses storms as a metaphor that “pain is temporary, you are forever.” I love that idea, and the book itself was very encouraging, especially in the second part. The Forever is all about forgiveness, but not of others, of yourself. It is the idea that you are worth so much and you should be happy with who you are. It is about acceptance, and relief after “leaving the storm.”

I found that many of the poems really resonated with me, and I know that this is the book I will turn to when in need of some inspiration. If you have gone through heartbreak, I am sure you will be able to connect to this book. If you have not, the emotion behind every word will still draw you in. The feelings are ones that every person goes through in their life, be it long or short term. 

The words are very honest and they tell the authors true emotions. 


Here is an excerpt from the book:
After the Storm:
those dark menacing clouds have passed
you can finally see the sun and a clear
blue sky once again
a rainbow overhead
glittering seamlessly
the storm has passed and yet you are still
here because those storms are nothing
more than a temporary doom
you are still standing because you are

I hope you decide to check it out and read the book. It is temporarily off the market for revision, but it will be up soon. For now, check out McKayla’s Instagram and Twitter for updates!


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