I Am A Writer- Finding Success

All my life I grew up thinking that the path to success was becoming a doctor, a businesswoman, etc. We all looked up to Elle Woods and her determination to become a lawyer in Legally Blonde when we were little. We wanted to be in her shoes. 

In 8th grade, I made the decision to attend a Vocational High School in my county, specializing in medicine. I was set on the idea of becoming a pediatrician because I was told it would make me victorious. 

After just a few months there, I was extremely unhappy. The classes that focused on the health field were my worst subjects. I couldn’t see myself a pursuing a career in something I hated so much. I knew I had to make some changes, but how?

Fast forward to the present time. I am a high school junior, and while I still attend the same high school, I’ve taken steps to create my own happiness. I take classes focused in business and english, even if everyone around me wants to be a doctor. 

I’ve also realized something else:
Success is not defined by the amount of money you make. Rather, it is how well you spent your life, who you chose to surround yourself with, and your overall level of happiness. What made me happy was writing. English class is where I excelled and could show my true creativity. 

I am a writer. It can be hard to admit. I never saw myself as a writer because I don’t have a published book, or a post written in Times Magazine. But, you can choose what you want to make out of yourself. You have the power to be whatever it is you want. 

I am a writer because I want to inspire people.
I am a writer because it allows me to express myself freely.
I am a writer because I have a love for words.
I am a writer because I wouldn’t be who I am without it.
I am a writer because it makes me happy. 

My goal through this post is for you to discover what it is that makes you feel happy. Find your success no matter what it takes. And no matter what, remember to be yourself. 

All the best in your journey. 


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