Journal With Me #2

I did this post a while back and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so obviously I had to do it again! This time I will explain the process a bit more, rather than just putting the pictures.


As per usual, I start with two empty pages, to create a spread. I lay out all my materials to see what I want to design before I start. I get some inspiration from tumblr and We Heart It, too.


I received these sticker packs from Copia Design recently, so of course I wanted to use them. They are absolutely adorable. There are stickers for every occasion, and I love the aesthetic of them. They go so well with what I do in my journal, so I will be using these a lot. Be sure to check them out!


I started with the date, like always, and watercolored side to add a pop of color. I actually didn’t like how it turned out, but I tried to fix it later on. I also added one of the stickers from Copia that says “take time for yourself” because the page was going to be about midterms and how I want to relax.


I added a piece of gridded paper I have from a notebook to cover up some of the watercolor page. I also wrote a little quote on it so it won’t be blank. I finished that page, so I added some stickers onto the next one.


I then wrote a little about midterms week, and added some washi tape!


Next, I put a picture that I cut out of a magazine to separate the top of the page from the bottom.


Then, I added some washi from a washi tape sheet I recently bought, as well as a cardboard sticker to add some details to it. I finished the page off with some more writing. I will be honest and say this is not one of my better pages, but i decided to work with it anyways and still show it to you all! Journaling is about having fun, and you are allowed to mess up! It doesn’t have to be perfect because, after all, it’s for you!

I hope this gave you some inspiration, or maybe even helped you start journaling on your own! Let me know what you think down in the comments :)


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