Help Build Schools, Support An Artist

Hi everyone! I recently read about the brand Denik and their awesome program that I thought I should share with you. I believe wholeheartedly in their cause, which is why I want to speak up about it.
If you don’t know, Denik is a company that creates notebooks with work from small artists. They believe that “art can change the world.” If you are an artist, you can even consider partnering with them to make your own notebook! Another amazing thing is that a portion of the proceeds is used to help build schools in third world countries, such as Mali and Guatemala. Currently, the sales go towards funding for a school in Laos. By the end of the year they hope to be set to fund the school!
Laos Pencils of Promise shootLaos Pencils of Promise shoot
How It Started:
The idea was created by kids at Utah State University. As art majors, they were often told that they would not make anything of their lives. They wanted to show how they can pursue art careers and still make a life out of it. They began by selling wherever they could set up a table, but are now a professional business.
Why Buy A Notebook?
As I stated earlier, some of the proceeds go to help build schools, and at the same time you are supporting an artist. Art brings people together from around the world, it is a universal language. By buying a notebook you are a part of that.
Funding schools is also so important. Way too many countries don’t have enough schools, meaning many people living there are illiterate. They don’t have a way of expressing themselves or a way to explore the world. We are fortunate enough to have computers and phones, while they don’t even go to school. That is something we take for granted everyday. But together we can change this notebook by notebook.
About The Notebook:
The notebooks Denik offers are very unique. They have so many designs to choose from which made it really hard for me to pick mine out! They come with 150 pages and you can choose blank or lined pages which is another cool feature. Also, they have a soft-touch cover that feels “like magic” which provides protection. So you can throw your notebook around without worrying about damaging it!
If you would like to check them out you can go to their website or go to their Instagram page! I really hope you join me and choose to purchase a notebook from them to help the world be a better place for everyone!
**I was asked to promote this company but I believe wholeheartedly in the cause**

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