Achieving Your Goals

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We all have goals. Whether it is in life, at work, or in school. They are a necessary part of growing and learning. Without them, we would be stuck in one place, never reaching our full potentials. Below I have 5 tips for achieving your goals! This is a collab with the lovely Emily, you can click here to read her post. She is one of my favorite bloggers, her posts are so amazing! And if you came from her blog, hi!

Write it Down
So many times I think of goals in my head but I never accomplish them until I write them down. Visualizing it, even just the words, helps me out so much. It makes it feel real. I set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for myself and it really does help. Keeping a planner is good for this reason, as it gives you a place to write your thoughts out, and it is a permanent reminder because you use it so often.

Take Baby Steps
You can not expect to achieve most of your goals overnight. They take time to complete. Often times the hardest part of any goal for me is beginning. You don’t have to rush it, but don’t blow it off everyday either. If your goal is to be healthier, don’t eliminate all junk food at once. Try removing chips one week, and cupcakes the next. Everything takes time and effort.

Make A Timeline
If you’re someone like me, you need to make a schedule for what you do all the time. Everyday I write out the things I need to do, in what order I want to do them, and what times I want to do them by. This can be very helpful when reaching your goals. Most of the time I am a huge procrastinator, and by making a schedule, I actually get things done. Decide when you want to accomplish certain steps of your goal, until you achieve the entire goal.

Set Realistic Goals
This one is important. Don’t set goals you know you won’t achieve because that will only discourage and disappoint you. And there’s no point of writing down a goal that will never happen. It’s just useless.

Stay Positive!
This is important. Like I said before, unattainable goals may discourage you, but if you really want something, you can get it. Don’t quit just because you didn’t make one of your self-set deadlines. Just try again the next day! You are allowed to make mistakes and fall back on bad habits, but remember what your end goal is. It takes 14 days to break a habit, so give it time and keep your thoughts positive!

Don’t forget to check out Emily’s blog! Her posts are AMAZING.


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