My Blogging Routine


I recently came across a post like this on Lazy Thoughts and thought I would take my own spin on it. Reading how other people blog is actually really interesting because I never thought about how many steps go into it.

Planning & Brainstorming
I begin by planning out what blog posts I am going to write for the week, sometimes even the month. I do this on the monthly layout of my planner (like this for an organization post). When I decide what my next post is going to be, I jot down some ideas I have for that post in a notebook. This includes how I am going to take my pictures, the outline for the post, and some things I need to include. For sponsored posts, I also make sure I incorporate the brand in some way.

Taking Pictures
For a few of my blog posts I just used stock images because I didn’t have time to take my pictures, but that was only for about 3 posts. I prefer taking my pictures, and I usually take them before I write the post. I take the pictures around 11-4 in the day so the sun is still out and the pictures look the best. For pictures, I use the canon rebel Sl1 with an 18-55mm lens. I then import them to my laptop.

Writing the Post 
After all my pictures are imported, I move onto writing the post. Most posts take me about an hour to write, but sometimes if they have more depth, I stop and continue writing the next day. Since I already have my outline, the writing part comes naturally.

The last step is editing the post as well as the pictures. To edit my pictures I use It is a great website to add text, saturate, or add brightness! I also read through the post one last time to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Honestly, sometimes I forget to do this, so there are often a couple of mistakes here or there. I’m working on it! After all of this, it is time to publish! Then, the rest is just having others read it!

Blogging is a lot more work than it looks like, and it takes a lot of time and dedication. Let me know if your routine is similar or different to mine if you are also a blogger!


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