Interview- Cathleen Slagle

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Hi everyone, today I got the chance to interview Cathleen Slagle, a fellow blogger. I did a few more interviews in the past (you can check them out under the category “entertainment”). I hope you enjoy!

First, can you introduce yourself and your blog?

Howdy there! I’m Cathleen Slagle and I’m the blogger behind Classy Cathleen. I’m 16 and a rising junior in high school from Columbia, South Carolina. I am a student, photographer, and active volunteer in various community service projects and organizations.

You’re a young, successful blogger, but is it ever difficult to manage a blog while being a high school student? If so, how do you handle it?
Balancing and time management have always been difficult for me, and I knew in 8th grade when I started this blog that I would struggle finding time for everything. High school hasn’t been any easier as far as balancing goes. AP classes, Yearbook, daily homework assignments and deadlines all add up insanely quickly and it can be hard to find time to work on the things that I enjoy doing. I’m not a good person to share time management and balancing tips because I’m currently answering these questions while watching an episode of the office and my elbow is resting on the APUSH Summer work that should be a priority right now…. However, I’ve learned that turning off my phone and giving it to my parents or leaving it on the kitchen table really helps me get stuff done quickly and efficiently. I’ve found that for me, I am not capable of getting homework done while laying down or sitting in bed. I have to, MUST, be sitting upright at my desk before anything can get crossed off the to do list. I have a habit of falling asleep much too quickly when I’m comfortably working. Often times one blog post has taken me an hour daily all week before its ready to publish, during the school year. It’s frustrating because of the time required in both school and blogging is more hours than I have in a day, but somehow everything gets done.
What’s your favorite part of blogging?
I love being able to share my words and photographs with the world.
Where do you get your inspiration to blog from?
My inspiration comes from long hikes in the woods or quiet moments spent on a screened in porch. It comes from s’mores and spending time with my family. Inspiration hits while I’m volunteering or working to make my community a better place. But the majority of my inspiration comes when I am in the shower washing my hair. Because I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, I have so much freedom in what I choose to write about because I write about myself and my adventures!
What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
I know you’re probably looking for me to include a list of 5-10 blogs that I check on the daily, but I don’t want to share my favorites and hurt anyone’s feelings. I read COUNTLESS blogs for all different purposes and I feel reading all of them have enriched me in some way. I typically find myself reading lifestyle blogs because I love people. I love individuality and different voices that people have when they write. I also love seeing the places that these bloggers live and learning about where they came from, how they were raised, the things that they love, etc. etc.
What career do you hope to pursue in the future?
I have so many ideas for future careers but they’re all kind of similar… Journalism, marketing, public relations, mass communications, photography, Spanish, and Business are all majors that I’m looking for in colleges currently so that gives you an idea of what I’m looking to do professionally. I’m 16 so I have no definite answer right now.
How did you get into blogging?
When I was 13 I needed a creative outlet. DESPERATELY. I’m not your average anything, so growing up and going to an average school full of average people doing average things, and I’m not good at pretending to be anyone other than myself. Blogging allowed me to begin the process of making a name for myself at age 13.
What tips do you have for beginner bloggers?
My biggest advice to all beginning bloggers is that they need to be themselves. It’s crucial. Because there are already so many bloggers on the internet, you have to be your own unique self or you’ll get lost in the mix. Success comes from Authenticity.
What are your plans for your blog in the future?
Eventually, I wish to start my own t-shirt company, grow as a photographer, as well as continue to promote the importance of community service.  I’m currently the social director at a non profit organization that my family founded, and I photograph rescue animals from a local rescue. Honestly, I try not to plan or have an “end goal” set for myself because I figure everything out as I go along. All I can promise is… It’ll be on the blog!
Thank you so much Cathleen for being a part of my blog! To check out her blog, you can click here! If you guys like these interviews, let me know by giving this post a like :)

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