Youtube Interview- Quincie and Candice

I am so so excited to share this interview for you guys with one of my favorite youtube channels- Quincie and Candice. With nearly 50,000 subscribers, these two besties share a passion for beauty, and want to spread their positivity to others! I want to thank them both for allowing me to interview them, too because this was such an awesome opportunity! Let’s get started.

1. Hi, I’m Jessica, and I am so excited to be interviewing you both! First, can you guys introduce yourselves and your channel?
– Hi Jessica – omg you’re so cute. We feel so honored to be apart of your blog, thank you so much for thinking of us :) We’re Quincie and Candice & we’re best friends who share a channel together. To sum up our channel, it’s pretty much just a combination of lifestyle, beauty, & DIY videos :)

2. What made you want to start a youtube channel?
– It’s actually so funny because ever since we became friends, we had a mutual interest in filming videos. At first, we always did music videos to songs we loved at the time, but once we learned about the Youtube community we immediately knew we wanted to become apart of that.

3. What are the struggles of having a shared youtube channel?
– Since we’re so much alike and have a lot in common, we don’t have many struggles. That’s actually the best part about doing this together because it’s such a mutual passion.

4. What is your favorite video to film?
– Any type of video that allows us to get out of the house and film. It’s so much fun to look back at videos that we make while we’re out in town rather than just sitting in our bedroom.

5. Do you guys think you will eventually have separate channels?
– Honestly, we don’t ever see that happening. We are best friends that like to stick together and for us, that’s the fun part about doing Youtube :)

6. How did you both meet?
– We actually went to school together our whole lives & lived only a block away from one another as kids. It wasn’t until 9th grade when we met in the school bathroom that we actually hit it off and since then we’ve been inseparable.

7. What are your goals for your channel in the future?
– Our biggest goal is to inspire our viewers to always believe in themselves & accept who they are :) What more could we want?

8. How would you describe your styles?
– Candice stays more on the Chic side of style, while I’m more of an urban street style.

9. Do you have any tips for people who want to start youtube channels?
– Starting a Youtube channel can be incredibly difficult and at times frustrating. You have to make sure that you’re doing it for you and not expecting to become “Youtube Famous.” Regardless if you work hard at something you love you can never fail :) I know everyone says this, but lighting takes a HUGE role in filming videos. Natural lighting is the best, so take advantage of that. Don’t let the fear of not having a nice camera or lens stop you from creating a channel. We would totally suggest making a few videos with what you have (Phone, Computer, Powershots, Etc) before investing in a high-end camera. Try & get a feel for Youtube and see if you like it before spending a lot on equipment :)

10. Who are your favorite Youtubers?
– Both of us agree that it would be absolutely impossible to only pick a few as there are so many inspiring Youtubers :)

Once again, thank you both for doing this interview, I am a HUGE fan of your channel! And thank you to everyone for reading, leave requests in the comments below.


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